How to Add Color to Your Landscape

A little color to your landscape is an excellent way to keep the space vibrant and fresh. A pop of color injects liveliness to what would otherwise be a bland, mass of greenery. But did you know that you don’t have to rely only on flowers to inject some color into your landscape?

Here are four top ways to add color to your landscape that are also very affordable


Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be a dull brown or black color to work for the outdoors. Remember that this furniture works as a focal point in the garden so having colorful furniture is a great idea. If you already have outdoor in the less colorful colors consider adding brightly colored pillows and throws to infuse some color.


How about brightening the garden accessories that you choose in order to inject color into the space? Consider some colorful pots for your plants or a fun and bright garden gnome. If you are feeling adventurous go the extra mile and paint some of the lamps a bright color or use colorful sheets on your gazebo.

Add a rug

Yes, you read right. Consider adding an outdoor rug on your patio or deck. A fun and colorful design will work wonders on your patio adding a cozy feel in addition to the color. These rugs are made from synthetic materials making them capable of handling being exposed to damp, rainy and humid environments. They are also easy to clean, stain resistant and won’t fade. They can also handle high foot traffic.

Paint a wall

Wall paint is always a sure way to go to infuse color into your space. All it takes is a can of wonderfully bright color and even application onto the wall of choice. However, you must make sure that you repaint the wall whenever needed to keep the garden looking neat at all times.

Some home owner associations do not condone brightly colored painted wall so make sure that the painted areas are on the inside of the garden.

Other ideas include using decorative tiles in your garden that are brightly colored or perhaps you can hand some outdoor art like mosaic pieces, colored stepping stones or pottery.